Sample Weekly Lesson Plan


Learning is an exciting experience!

Learning and development through the game and various activities is fun and productively for child. My curriculum content will promote Intellectual, Physical, Social and Emotional Development. Your child will enjoy activities ranging from art and crafts projects, to games, songs, finger plays, storytelling, creative dramatics, exercises, science, shapes, numbers, colors, alphabet, and much more. This will be accomplished through various monthly and weekly themes in individual and group activities, games and learning centers.  Plans will be based on child’s needs, interests and age.


Infant have their own unique temperament and developmental path. It is very important to follow that path. For infants, safe and comfortable environment are the most important. Each child will be cared for in a warm and affectionate manner, individualized to the child’s particular needs and personality. My goal is to stimulate all five senses of the child through play, sound, movement, introduction activities for development of large and small motor skills. Additionally, establish consistent routines in order to ensure the comfort, happiness and progressive development in all fields.


Preschool years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. During this age, child’s world expands. My main goal is to encouraged interest, curiosity, and eagerness in exploring the world.

Goal of the plan and program:

  • Development of the child’s personality, individuality, independence, confidence, compassion, positive self-image.
  • Development cooperation with the members of the group, logical thinking and reasoning, and problem solving.
  • Improve social skills, habits, culture of behavior and manners, listening skills.
  • Development of speech, expanding vocabulary, express feelings, needs and desires.
  • To share opinions, experiences, and ideas with others, with words.
  • Takes turns, share, and sustain interaction by helping, cooperating, expressing interest.
  • To show empathy and caring to others, respond to others emotions.
  • To understand directions/positional concept, connect or range by color, size, shape, texture.
  • To identify and describe numbers, counting,
  • Development of large and small muscle control and coordination.
  • Freedom of movement, development of artistic creativity, the development of creativity through the manipulation with various materials.
  • Explore sound, melody, tone, rhythm etc.